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The expression


is among the most popular to explain women that like other females, a good number of are not aware is there are different types of lesbians. This small guide will allow you to find which party (or teams) you go with as well as that you’re most drawn to.

Before we obtain in to the manual, here is one of the most essential terms when you look at the LGBTQ globe –

Gold-star Gay

. In such a case it would be a gold-star lesbian, this means obtained only ever had sex with women.  Today on to the range of ‘Types of Lesbians’. Please be aware you can find countless conditions and off shoots to all these.


– may be the 2nd typical term always describe a gay feminine.  Whenever used by someone that is not a portion of the LGBTQ , its regarded as offense.  There are numerous forms of dykes – infant dyke, diesel dyke, power dyke, etc.

Child dykes

– Women who have just appear are known as infant dykes. Like a child, things are fresh to them – they’ve got never addressed gay problems or culture before consequently they are extremely excited to understand.

Power dykes

– or power lesbians are ladies in strong opportunities, they’re powerful and separate.

Diesel dykes

– are macho lesbians who is able to have a aggressive character, and in addition they pass by butch.

Intense Butch

– Also termed as “Dykes on Bikes”, kind of like leather-based putting on, motorcycle operating ladies. These females are generally a bit more masculine.


– Females that adopt male characteristics are considered butch.  Butch ladies are usually the dominant partner. They dress and sometimes work much more manly then an average woman. Discover offshoots of Butch like smooth Butch and complex Butch.

Smooth Butch

– a smooth Butch usually wears a lot more masculine clothes but may still have traditionally styled locks, well-kept fingernails. They might land in the middle of Butch and Femme/Lipstick lesbian. In conclusion a Soft Butch she’d resemble the sweet woman next door which a tomboy.


– if you discover that you are a variety of both femme and butch, you’re (a smooth butch or) a chapstick lesbian. These ladies are generally speaking androgynous; they dress somewhat macho but work a lot more feminine.

Blue Jean Femme

– A Blue Jean Femme is actually a very feminine lesbian that tends to choose a very everyday clothes.

Lipstick lesbians

– are feminine lesbians, also referred to as femme.  They enjoy more elegant clothes, makeup, sneakers and have a tendency to put on a lot more skirts and dress.  The essential difference between femmes and lip stick lesbians is actually femmes typically date butch ladies where as lipstick lesbians date different girly lesbians.

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